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Saturday, April 9, 2011


it's a snowy saturday night here in Provo and I am home in my living room
home sweet home
I am loving it.
It's good to have my quiet time and time to get to know myself.
I've  been thinking alot about the meaning of service,
And what it means to touch other people’s lives.
I know that service can be very personal,
But what if we just got over that and starting to share?
I think that it could spread alot farther that way.
I know how much i thrive off reading other bloggers stories
about their projects and what they are doing to make a difference.
Honestly never once have i thought..
"Hmm now that's embarrassing...they shouldnt have posted that."
So I’m going to get over my own blogging insecurities as well and just share what I think!

So tonight as I said,
While sitting in front of the tv
I started to think about what I can do to make a difference in someones life
Before my night was over.
It is kind of hard to get out and do that since technically I am kinda still the
new girl in town and dont know millions of people...yet.
And then it dawned on me that I should start with those that I am closest with

I think i already knew what I needed to do,
I just now got the courage to do it.

So, being that my boyfriend is occupied at a dinner at the moment,
I knew that a text was pretty much the only way to reach him
but will mean just the same.
So our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: “Oh and just so you know...
if you feel like you need to go sale this summer or move to a certain place or do something that you feel like you need to do even if its hard on me/us,
I will support you. Promise. No matter what it is...
I love you too much to hold you back from anything:)
Just wanted you to know you have my support without ever needing to ask.”

And then I got this little message back:
“babbbbbbbby i looooooove you!!”

I love him, duh.

And yes, I feel a quite accomplished and I do have the warm fuzzys.

Yeah, the idea of matt doing sales all summer and having to do a long distance relationship
is absultely terrifying.
I thought we would be done with that foreverrrrrrr foreverrr foreverr.
but I am definitely not one to be closed minded about Someone Else’s plan other than my own,
if you know what I mean...

So who knows what will happen with that,
but I do feel like I learned a little bit more about what ‘service’ means
because I said something that he needed to hear and meant alot to him
that was actually very hard for me to say.
but also something that I truly mean and a promise that I intend to keep

Lesson learned: The way to serve someone isn’t usually a way you might prefer, but is more a way that they need. If you love them it's just something that you do.


  1. This is so sweet Jess! I love you guys together! I hope you can make it to my wedding! By the way, if you're looking at getting into some service things, You can come volunteer on Friday night for Feed my Starving children. It's at 6 in Tempe. Also, I'm working on starting an organization that collects church clothes and gives to people who don't have clothes for church. If you have clothing to donate or would want to help me with it, I would love that! You have such a big heart! Love you! :)