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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh helllooo!

I am having an ADD attack right now and cannot focus on one thing
I have a thought for 2 seconds and jump right on to the next.
So I guess that is what this post will represent.
Welcome to the world inside my head...

I like am obsessed with glitter nail polish right now
I am in Love with UTAH right now and never ever ever want to leave.
Every day (ok maybe just today) feels glorious
I hate handling so much cash at work as a teller...
but on the other hand I love the young people I see and work with.
Im super stoked about next week in AZ and this time I will be patient and layout!
I got a new NEVERSAYNEVER poster the other day
now i have a JB poster, calendar, and doll in my room. yay!
I am trying to sell my contract cause I feel the need to be way more social and live with like 8 girls
I realized again last night that I am dating the right person for me:)
I need to start working out
Its been about 6 weeks, honestly but that is between you and I
I wanna ditch my plans to just be a nurse and be an author too
So I got this ring from my grandma caroline that I wear everyday and absolutely adore it,
it goes with everything
oh hi i am obsessed with blogs
I miss homework TONS! can't wait to get back to school!
I go through phases where I refuse to take pics cause I feel like I dont look my best
...yeah totally need to get over that.
I used to think that blondes were way prettier than brunettes
ok, i know that was kind of racist.
but guess what!
i am in the process of going brunette because helllooo!! brunette is so cute idk what i was thinking!
hey can someone remind me what i have to do tomorrow?
oh yes i would love to just airbrush the whole world so everybody would be tan and beautiful
but also healthy and skin-cancer free
ask me about details.
I just started taking B vitamins...
is it just me or can I already tell a difference?

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